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Holiday Illness and Accident

Being ill while on holiday is the worst!

It not only diminishes the enjoyment of your trip away, but it could also cause issues later, long after your holiday is over.
If you believe your hotel or accomodation is to blame for your sickness, you're within your right to claim compensation from your tour operator.

Providing you booked through a UK tour operator, aspects such as transport delays, hotel/accomodation problems, along with sicknesses such as food poisioning will be covered under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992
All claims are NO WIN NO FEE*. All we need is a few minutes of your time
*Subject to entering into a ‘No win no fee’ agreement and complying with your responsibilities under its terms

How We Work

We work closely with solicitors who have extensive experience in this field of successfully pursuing claims on behalf of individuals who have fallen ill while on holiday.
If you ask us to help you, you can rest easy and have the assurance that we have the skillset to assist you through this complex process.
Please fill out the form here and we will be more than happy to answer any more questions you may have.
  • Holiday within 3 years?
  • Ill for more than 3 days?
  • Package holiday?

Contact us here and we’ll get straight to work!

No Win = No Fee

When you ask us to take on your case, we will move forward on a no win no fee basis. If we’re not successful, you don’t owe us a penny.*

95% Success Rate

Based on our track record of previous cases, data shows our solicitors have a 95% success rate with cases pertaining to holiday illnesses.

Claim Up To £5000

You could be entitled to upto £5000 in compensation, depending on length and severity of your sickness or illness.

*Subject to entering into a ‘No win no fee’ agreement and complying with your responsibilities under its terms

Here are some reasons that may have gotten you ill on holiday

Unwashed Produce

Poor Staff Hygiene

Unclean Swimming Pools

Unfiltered Ice Water

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